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Custom Software development

The main need of any business is to have information systems that leverage their mission and business objectives, organize their data, allow them to measure their performance, streamline their processes, optimize their costs and maximize their profits. Contact our talent Raddar Studios so you can present your needs and let us help you with the design, development and implementation of the software solution that your company needs.

Mobile apps

At Raddar Studios we know that technology has gone from being the computer at home to the smartphone in your pocket. For this reason, we offer you mobile application development so that your clients can take your business with them everywhere.

The global trend, together with the continuous improvement of mobile devices and cellular connection networks, means that a person’s smartphone concentrates a good part of their information and their daily tasks. That is why businesses are following this trend to increasingly reach people’s daily lives, and what better way than through a mobile app.

IT Architecture IT Architecture

IT Architecture

Sometimes companies may have a large inventory of high-quality software or processes that could be automated. In these cases, your company needs an IT consultancy to obtain the IT architecture model that your organization requires, integrate all those solutions or automate to improve the organization's processes in order to support the growth of your business.

Our Projects

Design and communication

We believe in the power and strength of ideas, creativity and the value of strategic intelligence in communications management.

Corporate image

A strategic brand communication plan is an integral part of any marketing effort.

Digital marketing

Develop sales strategies with marketing tools to attract, persuade and keep your customers.

Web design

UX design focuses on making the product easy to use and providing users with the best possible experience.


We develop responsive or mobile optimization websites, guaranteeing a pleasant and perceptive experience.